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Evolution through Coaching
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Resources for leaders and aspiring leaders

"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." Henry Ford

This page lists a number of links to articles and online resources and books that are useful, inspiring, thought provoking or otherwise could contribute to developing leadership skills or awareness of the potential difference leaders can make.

Online links - forums

Online links and downloads - articles

Online links - articles specifically around women and leadership


Many theories of leadership abound and most have something useful to contribute. The Integrated Leadership Model integrates both academic and business models to measure leadership styles - see How does the leadership styles profile, ILM72, work?. The list below is a very small selection of books that work with some of the more commonly known leadership theories and "how to" books. When I get time I will add to the list!
  • Steven Covey - The 7 habits of successful people.
  • John Adair - Effective Leadership and other books based around the Action Centred Leadership model.
  • Catherine Doherty and John Thompson - Teach yourself leadership
  • Ann McKee, Richard Boyatzis and Frances Johnston - Becoming a resonant leader.

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Evolution through Coaching: Make changes over time. Develop a strategy to adapt behaviours and actions, designed to create the changes you want and improve your performance.

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