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C.O.N.E. for Coaches


Do you want to

find more clients?
accelerate your success?
learn essential knowledge on how to run your business, marketing, strategy, finance, and so on?
have practical tips, tools and templates you can use to "hit the ground running"?
reduce your sense of isolation?
work ON your business and have a sounding board to examine issues, develop solutions and generate inspiration with like-minded coaches who support and encourage each other?
create a sustainable coaching practice that enables you to work in harmony with your values and who you are, and to make a difference in the world?


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Being a successful coach depends on much more than your coaching skills. If you are setting up as an external coach, you need to be professional in how you run your business too. One of the most common complaints about setting up on your own is that you are on your own, and it is sometimes hard to know what's the best thing or right thing to do. You need to do EVERYTHING! Even things you've never done before, from seemingly simple things like getting business cards, to more complex things like websites, what kind of business structure you should go for (sole trader, perhaps, or company?) or how to manage accounts, or how to reach potential clients, and so on. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Daily. Unremittingly.

So why struggle on making all your decisions alone? Why not tap into the power of talking decisions through with other people? Learn from the C.O.N.E. business development programme and especially from other coaches' expertise and experiences. Share your expertise... together you are so much greater than single parts. Most coaches face similar questions, dilemmas, issues and decisions in running their business. Why should you all go it alone, when you can gain so much more confidence in your decisions and actions when you talk it through with each other.

Co-operative, non-executive (C.O.N.E.) Teams are master-mind groups for Owners, Directors, CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to significantly improve the success of their business or company and who recognise that they, more than technology, sales or marketing, are the driving force for success.

I am now launching a virtual C.O.N.E. for Coaches programme which is exclusively for coaches. Read on below for more information about this exciting opportunity to join together and collaborate with like-minded coaches who are not your competition.

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C.O.N.E. for Coaches

Enhance your effectiveness in your business and your life by joining up to 12 other coaches to effectively become the non-executive board for each other’s businesses and learn together. Members operate in non-competing niches (by specialism or geography) and build strong relationships which creates opportunities for collaborating to combine your strengths and specialisms in what you can offer clients.

"Time to step back, reflect and work on your business, not in it"

This programme creates space away from day to day operations for you to work on your business, focus on the future and be more confident in your decisions. The programme lasts one year to enable you to develop the trust and confidence in each other, build your knowledge, and put plans into action over a significant time frame. The programme provides you with the insights, strategies and skills to solve your issues and gain clarity, focus and results. Constantly access expert input and fuel your business success through fresh ideas, new ways of looking at things, specialist skills and relevant expertise.

  • evaluate opportunities
  • discuss your aspirations and challenges
  • find solutions and tackle obstacles
  • share learning and experiences
  • develop innovative strategies
  • refine your vision and purpose in harmony with your values
  • solve an assortment of strategic, operational and sometimes personal issues and
  • put into practice your aspirations for maximising performance, profits, sustainability and balance.

As a C.O.N.E. for Coaches member, you get:

  • monthly C.O.N.E. team facilitated meetings, online with GoToMeeting
  • monthly business training sessions, online with GoToWebinar
  • 1:1 peer coaching
  • your private online accountability and learning account, including learning resources for the business strategy lab
  • a forum to connect and build relationships with C.O.N.E. members
  • exclusive resources: business and coaching templates, tools and practical tips.
  • personal development and learning
    • business knowledge, strategy and operations
    • emotional intelligence
    • positive growth mindset


CONE Teams for success, improved performance & profits, motivation & inspiration, innovation & creativity, clearer strategy values and goals, and a better work-life balance


Benefits - Why Join our C.O.N.E. Team  Programme?

  • Inspiring and motivational.
  • Greater focus and clarity.
  • Greater confidence to take new actions.
  • Stimulates innovation through cross-fertilisation of ideas.
  • Promotes improved performance and success.
  • Opportunity to develop your business, your skills and yourself.
  • Effective time working ON your business.
  • Peer group support - be part of a dynamic peer group of like minded coaches, share best practise, solve problems and learn new approaches.
  • Examine and improve all key areas of your business.
  • Small group sizes - limited to12 people.
  • Facilitated by a qualified and experienced coach, Dr Sue Mitchell.
  • Tailored action plans to implement between sessions.
  • Improved overall quality of your work-life balance.
  • Outstanding value - a fraction of the investment of 1:1 coaching.



  • Accountability.
  • Enhance your coaching business performance, attract more clients and make the income you deserve.
  • Grow at an optimal pace for your coaching practice.
  • Enhance confidence in yourself, your strategic decisions and your business
  • Improve your strategy.
  • Improve your decision making.
  • Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas that work, through learning with other coaches and from our strategy and business growth programmes.
  • Create a healthy and sustainable business, with the appropriate level of balance and flexibility you desire.
  • Create a healthy working culture that supports and energises you.
  • Through the way you ‘do business’, make a difference in the world – for yourself and your family and the people around you, for your team and people in your business where relevant, for your clients and customers, for your suppliers and other stakeholders, and for the communities around you.


Personal growth outcomes

  • No longer feeling alone. Here you can share your dreams, challenges and problems, talk through them and get fresh perspectives AND actionable outcomes to start on straight away.
  • Resilience – bounce back, learn from problems or failures and find the opportunity in them.
  • Confidence
  • Develop and enhance your growth mindset which in turn improves resilience and performance. Studies of the most successful organisations show their leaders had growth mindsets (Carol Dweck).
  • Personal growth and business knowledge.
  • Personal fulfilment through membership of the peer and support network, through both receiving and giving. People who get the most out of peer executive groups like this say it is because they contribute a lot too. What do you bring to the table? How do you share your unique gifts, to the benefit of all?


The value of accountability to achieve your aspirations.

One key factor contributing to why executive peer groups work is the accountability. This is why C.O.N.E. for Coaches also includes peer 1:1 coaching and a special accountability online module to boost your chances of achieving your aspirations. The learning and inspiration you get from each other and all the learning resources, webinars and meetings is vital in coming up with ideas, plans and solutions. However, the accountability to each other and to your coach really does make the difference for getting things done!

The Institute for Applied Emotional Intelligence did research into the chances of people achieving their goals depending on how they set them (Wiseman 2004).

You have an idea (what you will do) 10%
Decide when you will do it 40%
Plan how you will do it 50%
Commit to someone else you will do it 65%
Have a specific accountability appointment with the person you’ve committed to 95%


The Format: What can you expect if you join the C.O.N.E. for Coaches?

The membership commitment for 12 months means members can develop mutual trust, respect and confidence for open discussion. We emphasise that C.O.N.E. Team members are working on their business to improve performance, and these meetings are a part of your work. Meetings are scheduled in (UK) work hours so they don't erode into other areas of your life, which will ultimately erode your performance.

The programme is run online, so you don’t waste time (or grow your carbon footprint!) traveling each month. This makes the programme accessible to you wherever you are. All you need is access to the internet and a computer, and maybe a phone line if you prefer to telephone rather than use your computer audio in live sessions. Why not try out our introductory webinar to see how well virtual meetings can work for you?

The monthly C.O.N.E. Team meetings last about four hours, giving everyone the opportunity to contribute. These are the meetings that we ask you to make a priority in your diary, as your commitment determines the amount of benefit you gain from the programme. First we have a 30 day catchup, sharing what has gone well and what did not go as planned. Then we choose to work on 1 to 3 topics that members present for in depth exploration that month. These topics can be about anything in relation to how you are running and developing your business or about coaching.

The monthly business training sessions cover topics that relate to the online training modules for that month, on topics around business strategy, growth, leadership, marketing, innovation, finance, and more. The webinars are recorded, so you can catch up if you can't make the live sessions, though you lose the opportunity to interact and ask questions.

These peer executive roundtables work. Members join because they recognise the return they can get from the experience and support of other business owners, CEOs and MDs. Imagine the difference it could make for you if you could work on building your business with other like-minded coaches, who you could trust to really open up and discuss the nuts and bolts with. No need to 'keep up appearances' or worry about whether they would use your thoughts to operate in competition with you. Dr Sue Mitchell previously ran a local C.O.N.E. Team (Co-operative Non-Executive Team) for business owners in Edinburgh. Members say that the monthly meeting with their peers was most valuable and the unique group dynamic helped them achieve more than they ever thought they could. The interaction and brainstorming with other business owners is invaluable to both come up with new ideas and especially for overcoming blockages and problems. In particular C.O.N.E. provides them invaluable thinking space to step out of ‘day-to-day business’. This is vital when you need to focus on future direction for your business. Sue’s 1:1 coaching clients also report that coaching helped them achieve more than they ever thought they could. Read some testimonials about 1:1 coaching and about thought leadership conversations.


"The C.O.N.E. meetings follow in part an Action Learning Set style to explore topics each month. I am a member of an AL Set for my coaching supervision and I know from personal experience just how phenomenally powerful this format is to gain insights for ourselves as well as helping others. I set up C.O.N.E. in 2005 in Edinburgh for selectively invited members who found the sessions invaluable. After an early session Elizabeth told me "That was the best time I have spent working on the business EVER!" And that was before introducing the Action Learning format which works so brilliantly for coaches.

C.O.N.E. is NOT a 'get rich quick' formula for success. This programme gives you the fundamental knowledge you need to professionally run your coaching business well, plus the invaluable support of the mastermind / AL Set group sessions and resonant relationships with other C.O.N.E. members. Through providing a confidential space and encouraging you to share your expertise, knowledge and ability to listen and ask pertinent questions, the programme stimulates aha moments in the way that self coaching can't and even 1:1 coaching doesn't. Self coaching is limited by the confines of your own beliefs, perspectives, experiences, knowledge and blind spots... bouncing ideas with other people, especially other coaches, reaches parts you can't reach alone.

I've worked with many coaches and business owners on developing their business and I'm delighted that they've achieved their goals and more than they imagined too. I find it very rewarding to build relationships and contribute to their success, whether in 1:1 coaching or facilitating my C.O.N.E. Board or Thought-Leadership conversations. I also volunteer as business mentor for Scottish Enterprise, for their programmes supporting high growth and high potential start-up businesses.

I'd love you to join us in C.O.N.E. for Coaches and benefit too." Sue Mitchell, Aeona.


What do you need to join C.O.N.E. for Coaches?

  • Be committed - to yourself and the process and through that, supporting others.
  • Make the monthly C.O.N.E. team meetings a priority. "You get out of the programme what you put in." The additional monthly training sessions are recorded, so you have permanent access to revisit them and embed learning. If you miss the live training session, you will lose the opportunity to interact and ask questions.
  • Collaborate and share your own experiences, knowledge and capabilities.
  • Be open to learning.
  • TAKE ACTION between meetings.
  • Be a coach, either already active in your own practice or starting up your coaching practice.

How do you apply to join C.O.N.E. for Coaches ?

1. Apply as soon as you can to secure your place.

    There are only 12 places and they are awarded on:
  • 1) when the application is received - so the earlier you send your application the better your chance of being accepted.
  • 2) non-competing niche - the team is restricted to one coach per niche (specialty / geography) and the more clear you can be on how you define and focus your niche, the more likely you will be unique. The webinar (see below) will also help you define your niche, and it is ok to give an initial outline when you first apply and send an update after the webinar.
  • 3) demonstration of commitment to yourself and to other members of the team.

Please download, complete and then email your application to info@aeona.co.uk. No payment is required at this stage. The application form asks briefly about you, your coaching practice or planned practice, how you believe the programme will make a difference for you and how you can contribute to make a difference for other members. Do call or email Sue if you'd like to chat about it and/or grant funding if you are in Scotland.

Download the application document here.       Right click here & 'save as'


2. Sign up to the free, no obligation webinars which include training sessions around clarifying your niche, vision and resources and introduces the C.O.N.E. for Coaches programme. I don't believe in asking you to commit to something when you don't really know whether it is right for you. In these sessions you get a taste of the training and what it is like to work with me, as well as having the opportunity for Q&A sessions at the end. Many coaches find it hard to clarify and focus on their niche, and the first session helps you define how you differentiate in a way that is true to yourself.

Click the titles to register for each of these webinars, and you will be sent a link to the replay if you can't make it live.

Foundations for a successful coaching practice
1. SOAR Analysis and Niche - 6th May 12:30 - 13:30 BST
2. Create your compelling and motivating vision - 14th May 17:30 - 18:30 BST
3. Resources & overcoming barriers - 21st May 12:30 - 13:30 BST


What does C.O.N.E. for Coaches cost? The whole programme has a value well over £6000. My 1:1 business owner clients pay £4056 for only a part of what is included in this programme. As this is the launch programme I am offering it at only £1599 for the whole 12 months. There are options for paying in installments.

IF you are in SCOTLAND, you could be eligible for 50% Grant funding. Ask me for details.

Contact Aeona today about joining a C.O.N.E. Team.





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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.


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