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Evolution through Coaching
Strategy. Adapting. Change. Performance.

Executive Coaching


  • Do you want to excel?
  • Do you want to stay on top of your game?
  • Do you want to gain clarity and focus in decision making?
  • Do you want to expand horizons?
  • Do you want to be successful in a new role?
  • Do you find it lonely at the top?
  • Do you feel you could benefit from a confidential sounding board?

If you answer "YES" to just one, or more, of these questions, executive coaching could be just what you are looking for!


Executive coaching is generally used by successful senior managers, directors and leaders who seek to further improve their performance. The focused, real-time interaction with Aeona's unbiased coach is supportive while also challenging assumptions, provoking ideas and stimulating discussion.

Some areas where executive coaching makes the difference:

  • Managing change
  • Developing leadership potential
  • Developing into a new role - First 100 days
  • Specific skill development
  • Career management
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Clarify your goals and develop a vision that motivates you
  • Clarify your purpose
  • Improve your focus
  • Strengthen your ability to build relationships, win respect and inspire others
  • Have the courage to make leadership decisions in line with your own values and those of your organisation
  • Stretch your capabilities beyond your current limitations
  • Manage yourself to lead an integrated, fulfilling life.


Aeona will stretch you out of your comfort zone and support, guide and assist you through the potentially uncomfortable period of setting challenging goals, adapting behaviours and attitudes, and making significant changes to reach your peak performance, that you may have previously considered unattainable.

We deliver executive coaching to individuals requesting coaching on work-related issues and also to organisations looking for a professional to coach their executives in-house. In both situations, the issues that are addressed are similar.

Contact us for a no-obligation, confidential consultation.
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"Coaching lies at the foundation of higher-performing leaders and teams. A skilled coach can help managers think differently about what they do and how they do it." CIPD survey 2005.


"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing." Abraham Lincoln



Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.

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"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." Dale Carnegie