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Evolution through Coaching
Strategy. Adapting. Change. Performance.

Exceptional Leaders Programme
Developing inspirational, resilient, centred leaders.

Exceptional leaders inspire their followers and are engaging, motivating and successful. Exceptional leaders thrive at work and in life by living up to their values, working from their strengths and connecting with others. Exceptional leaders are confident, accept themselves and create high performance teams. Exceptional leaders develop people and encourage the attitudes and culture that bring energy to the whole team and organisation.

This new open programme gives leaders and aspiring leaders in all organisations the opportunity to benefit from of the type of programme usually only offered within a large organisation.

Who is it for?
Programme Benefits
Programme Features
Luxury Residential Location
Programme Contents
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Who is it for?

This programme is for people who want to be exceptional leaders. It is ideal for both aspiring leaders and established leaders who want to excel and develop the mindset, attitude and behaviours of successful leaders. There are no formal entry criteria, though participants will be expected to be working at management level.

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Programme Benefits

For the participant

  • Personally tailored support and guidance, and the opportunity to follow up your specific interests in more detail.
  • Enhance your influence and act with confidence.
  • Apply leadership concepts and frameworks in your own work with the regular support of your coach.
  • Re-energise your work and personal development, understand yourself and others better, know where others see your strengths, know how to motivate yourself and your teams.

For the organisation

  • Supports organisational performance through developing current and emerging leaders.
  • Participants undertake a leadership analysis of the organisation.
  • Supports recruitment and retention of talent.
  • Accelerates the development of leaders and maximises transfer of learning to the workplace through the frequent 1:1 coaching support, giving a high return on investment.

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Programme Features

  • A personalised leadership development programme with a high focus on practical skills, behaviours and attitudes underpinned by academic knowledge. Leaders gain confidence to focus on execution: they not only develop their toolbox but put it into action throughout the programme with support of their coach and peers in the programme.
  • Robust, comprehensive and confidential psychometric analysis to raise self-awareness, identify personal leadership strengths, areas for development and to help leaders set personal goals for the programme. Psychometrics include 360 degree feedback and personal profiling for mental toughness (MTQ48), emotional intelligence (BarOn EQ-i), leadership styles (ILM72), personality (Big5 model profile, Jungian/MBTI types), team roles and engagement (Engage).
  • 12 months of 1:1 coaching – 2 hours every month, to develop and implement your personal action plans to use leadership skills in your day to day activities and be the leader you want to be.
  • 12 months of 1:2 tutorials – a system that enhances independent thinking and promotes excellence. A monthly 2hr tutorial with two programme members and the tutor, where you direct your learning in topics of personal interest and produce assignments relevant to your role, organisation and developing leadership.
  • Four 5-day residential highly interactive workshops on a wide range of leadership topics, designed at the equivalent to ILM Level 7. The workshops have a flexible action-learning facilitative approach that encourages peer learning.
  • Coaching skills training.
  • Personalised learning through a Personal Development Plan (PDP), personal development journal, coaching skills journal, a project and assignments using various media formats.
  • Alignment of course with organisational requirements and personal interests. Prior to joining the programme, we help you evaluate your learning needs from a personal and organisational perspective. During week 1, we map these to the programme contents and shape your personal development plan and tutorial topic plans to ensure your own needs are met.
  • Limited number of participants for better group debate, participation and active learning. Maximum 12 participants and minimum tutor:programme member ratio of 1:12.
  • Stretching and challenging activities within a safe environment.
  • Specialist guest speakers and tutors.
  • Includes leadership workbooks and text books, workshop notes, reading lists and an online community to facilitate communication among programme members.

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Luxury Residential Location - a traditional Scottish Castle

The fabulous Dalhousie Castle, south of Edinburgh, provides an inspiring setting for our residential programmes. http://www.dalhousiecastle.co.uk

One of the finest luxury hotels in Scotland, the 13th century Dalhousie Castle is set within acres of wooded parkland on the picturesque banks of the River Esk. Enjoy the luxurious themed bedrooms, formal fine dining restaurant for evening meals and the bright and cheery "Orangery Restaurant" for breakfast and lunch. The training rooms naturally have all the character you expect from an ancient castle, combined with comfort and modern requirements.

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Programme contents - Residential courses and interim tutorials

Week 1 Inner Leadership: Leading yourself
Week 2 Visionary Leadership: Leading others
Week 3 Engaging Leadership: Leading the organisation
Week 4 Sustainable Leadership: Leading the way forward

Inner Leadership: Leading yourself - Awareness, Presence, Power and Authenticity

  • Understanding leadership and followership: an introduction to leadership models and theory and putting it into practice.
  • Self awareness and learning from your personal profiles.
  • Leadership behaviours, creating a leadership matrix.
  • Exploring the roles of Trust, Values, Vision, Purpose, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Attitude, Mental Toughness, Work:life Balance and managing energy.
  • Critical thinking and decision making.
  • Setting goals: starting your leadership journey, identifying your personal development plan, setting your goals and outcomes for the programme.

Visionary Leadership: Leading others: Communication, Coaching, and Teams

  • Communication and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Coaching skills for leaders.
  • Influencing, persuasion, negotiation and motivation.
  • Leading high performance teams: team theories and models, Belbin team roles, personalities in teams.
  • Team vision, values and purpose.
  • Exploring trust, emotional intelligence, mental toughness, critical thinking and decision making in teams.

Engaging Leadership: Leading the organisation: Change, Innovation and Strategy.

  • Leading through change.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Strategy and leadership.
  • Corporate vision, mission, purpose and values.
  • Organisational culture.
  • Collaboration and partnerships.
  • Ethics and CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility).

Sustainable Leadership: Leading the way forward: Planning the future.

  • Sustainability and strategy.
  • Completing the programme with your peers: Group reports, project reports, repeat psychometric profiles and assessing changes.
  • Reflecting on learning and planning your continued leadership development beyond the programme.


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Dates to be confirmed, Provisional Schedules:

Summer Special: July 2011 Inner Leadership Short Course as a standalone module. This is offered as a course only or as a programme including three months coaching, tutorials and webinars.

12 Month ELDP: Week 1 Sep/Oct 2011, Week 2 Nov/Dec 2011, Week 3 Feb 2012, Week 4 Sep 2012.



The fees include accommodation and all meals on the residential courses, workbooks and any events or activities arranged as part of the programme or course. We operate a policy for our development programmes (but not course only options) that only three-quarters of the fee is paid up front and you pay the balance in installments when you achieve your outcomes identified at the start of the programme. We support your investment in your development through coaching and tutorials that help you put learning into practice. and achieve your goals.


12 month programme

The full value of this one year programme is £32,000* including 12 months of personal coaching, tutoring and group webinars. For our first year, the introductory fee is only £20,000* (£15,000* up front and £5,000* on outcomes).
Special Survey Contributor's additional discount : £2000 off total fee (£1000 off up front fee, £1000 off outcomes fee). Register for this when you complete our survey on what you would like to be in a leadership programme: (click here to enter the survey if you would like to take part)


Inner Leadership: Lead yourself as a single standalone module

This module is offered as a course only or as a programme including three months coaching, tutorials and group webinars. The full value for the course is £5450* or £8150* for the programme.

For Summer 2011, we are similarly offering introductory fees:
Course only : £3,500*
Three month Programme : £5,000* (£3,750* up front and £1,250* on outcomes).
Special survey contributors discount : additional £500 off course only fee or £900 off three month programme fee (£500 off up front fee and £400 off outcomes fee).

*Fees are quoted net, exclusive of VAT at 20%.



Contact Aeona today for more information or to reserve your place - only 12 available.

Tel: +44 845 6436 084
Mobile: +44 7809 672859
Email: info@aeona.co.uk


Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.


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